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What services does University Payroll Services (UPS) provide?

University Payroll Services (UPS) provides services and acts as a liaison to the University community as well as to the Federal, State and local authorities. As a USC employee, all questions related to your paycheck should be directed to your Home Department Coordinator first. (See next question).

Some of the services UPS provides to you include:

  • Working with Home Department Coordinators with questions on payroll policies and procedures
  • Processing all Federally mandated employment documents (I-9s, W-4s, etc.)
  • Monitoring and implementing payroll tax law changes
  • Processing and printing checks and "advice" slips
  • Distributing all payroll checks and "advice" slips to Home Departments
  • Processing employment verification requests for both credit and non-credit reference checks
  • Maintaining employee payroll records
  • Processing "stop payments" of lost or stolen paychecks
  • Issuing W-2s and 1042-S Forms, and replacement of lost W-2s and 1042S Forms

What is a Home Department Coordinator and who is mine?

The University is divided into numerous "Home Departments," each of which has a "Home Department Coordinator" (HDC) responsible for the Payroll and Personnel needs of the department. Duties Home Department Coordinators perform may include:

  • Assisting employees with payroll and personnel questions
  • Ensuring all employees are paid on a timely basis, including the distribution of paychecks.
  • Maintaining payroll and personnel records.
  • Preparing and submitting required payroll and employment paperwork to UPS.

Home Department Coordinators act as a liaison between employees and UPS. If you have any questions or problems regarding your payroll or your personnel record, you should contact your Home Department Coordinator first.
To find out who is your Department Coordinator and how to contact him/her, you can look up the department listing by your Department Name or by Department Number.
Your Home Department name and number are printed on your paycheck or direct deposit advice slip.

How do I get paid?

All Payroll activity begins at the Home Department level. Each Home Department is responsible for obtaining all required documentation and signatures, and for establishing new employees on the Payroll system. When paperwork is forwarded to Payroll Services and processed, you are activated and eligible for pay.

How often do I get paid?

Payroll operates on a monthly and a biweekly schedule.
MONTHLY: The majority of staff and faculty employees, including Teaching and Research Assistants, are paid on the monthly payroll cycle. The pay period runs from the 1st through the last day of each month. Payday is the 26th of the month, or the last working day before if the 26th occurs on a weekend or holiday.
BI-WEEKLY: Student workers, CWSP, and some staff employees are paid on a biweekly pay cycle. Pay periods run from 12:01am Thursday through midnight Wednesday, with payday being the following Wednesday.
You can check the Monthly Schedule or the Bi-weekly Schedule for the payroll schedule.

Does USC offer Direct Deposit?

Yes. Go to the Direct Deposit FAQ for more information.

I think my paycheck is incorrect. What should I do?

Contact your Home Department Coordinator since all pay starts at the Home Department Level. The HDC will investigate your question and let you know the resolution.

Do I have to fill out Time Reports?

Certain hourly employees, including CWSP, student workers, and staff paid overtime, must submit a Time Report indicating the number of hours worked on which days for the pay period. Both the employee and supervisor must sign and date the Time Report or Time Card and turn it in to the Home Department Coordinator or other designated authority. You must sign your Time Report in order to get paid. And do not fill out the Time Report in advance of the last day worked in the pay period.

What if I work for more than one department?

One department is designated as the "Home Department" and is responsible for establishing all payroll information for all work departments.

When do I have to notify my Home Department Coordinator with personal information changes?

Any time there is a change in your taxable status, you may elect to complete a new W-4 Form and/or DE-4. A change in tax status could result from a marriage, a divorce, the birth of a child, or the loss of a deduction. You should also report home address and/or phone number changes as well as any time you have a change in work phone number, work address, or e-mail address. All name changes must be reported as soon as possible, and must be accompanied by a Social Security Card (or receipt) for the name change to take place.

Am I eligible for Overtime?

Eligibility for Overtime is determined by job classification. See your Home Department Coordinator.

My paycheck has been lost or stolen! What do I do?

You must file a Stop Payment Request Form immediately! Do NOT delay. It takes about three days to issue a replacement check if the "stop" is successful. You may obtain this form either from your Home Department Coordinator or directly at Payroll Services. See the Paychecks FAQ.

What are USC vacation and holiday policies, and what are the Official USC Holidays?

Refer to the University Policies site for the Holiday Schedule and related policies.

I have more questions! Whom can I contact?

If you need further assistance beyond the general information provided in this website, contact your Home Department Coordinator. Your Home Department Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the personnel records in your department, and he/she is the best person to help you in answering your specific needs regarding your payroll and employment with the University.
To find out who is your Department Coordinator and how to contact him/her, you can look up the department listing by your Department Name or by Department Number.

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