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  • Payroll Activity Page
      – Employee Information
      – Payroll Period Information
      – Total Income and Deduction Summary
      – Direct Deposit Banks Information
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      – Earnings Summary
      – Detail Summary
      – Prior Deductions Summary
      – USC Paid Items Summary
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Overview of Payment Stubs Information Display

The Payment Stubs Information Display page allows you to look at the payroll activity for your previous payment stubs. Information includes earnings, taxes, deductions/reductions, income & bank deposit information for the currently selected pay period and year-to-date totals.

"Current Amounts" are amounts associated with the selected pay period. "YTD Amounts" are the Year-to-Date totals from the first of the selected year to selected pay period.

If you want to view yearend totals for a whole year, use the Yearend Tax Reporting Information Display.

Select Payment Page

  1. Review the Employee Information and make sure it's correct. If you need to update the information, contact your Home Department Coordinator.
  2. Click on the Select Payroll Activity selection box and select a pay period you want to view.
  3. Click on the Submit button to view the selected pay period. The system will display the payment stub information for the selected pay period on the "Payroll Activity Page."

If you wish to leave the process, click on the Exit Process button.

Payroll Activity Page

Employee Information

This section displays your basic information.

Pay Period Information

This section displays the information regarding the pay period you selected. Information for the current month will be available for inquiry several days before payday. However, funds will not be available until payday.

Advice/Check Number This field shows the Advice/Check number for this specific payment. If the payment was made out on a check, the word "Check" in parenthesis appears after the number. The word "Advice" in parenthesis appears if the payment was direct deposited and you received an advice statement for this payment.
Paydate This date is when the payment was made.
Pay Period This date range reflects the coverage of this payment.
Transaction Type This field describes the type of activity (current pay, check cancellation, etc.).

Total Income and Deduction Summary

This section displays a summary of the totals for this pay period. The details of each total are itemized in subsequent sections on this page.

Total Gross The Gross is the total amount you earned.
Total Reduction The Reduction is the total amount taken before determining taxes.
Total Tax The Tax is the total amount taken for Federal and State taxes.
Total Deduction The Deduction is the total amount taken after taxes.
Total Net The Net is the total remaining amount paid to you.

Direct Deposit Banks Information

This section lists the allocations of your pay made via Direct Deposit.
If you have not set up Direct Deposit, this section is empty.

Name This column lists the name of the Financial Institution.
Account Number This column lists the last 4 digits of the account number where the direct deposit was made.
Amount This column displays the amount deposited to the associated account.

Tax Summary

This section displays your Federal and State tax filing status and information at the time of this payment.

Tax Frequency This field indicates whether the payment was taxed on the "Monthly" or "Biweekly" tax tables.
Tax Country The Tax Country is the Country for which you file taxes.
Tax Exempt This field indicates whether or not ("Yes" or "No") you claimed "Exempt" on your W-4 Form.
Marital Status This field indicates your marital status as claimed on your W-4 or DE-4 Form(s).
Number of Exemptions This number is the number of exemptions you claimed on your W-4 or DE-4 Form(s).
Additional Exemptions This number is the number of additional exemptions you claimed on your State of California DE-4 Form.
Extra Withholding This amount is the additional dollar amount withheld for taxes as specified on your W-4 or DE-4 Form(s).
Take Fica This field indicates whether or not ("Yes" or "No") FICA taxes are withheld from your pay.
Take Disability This field indicates whether or not ("Yes" or "No") Disability taxes are withheld from your pay.
Disability Plan This field lists your Disability plan.
W5 Spouse Filing This field indicates your W-5 Form filing status.
W5 Expiration Date If you filed a W-5, this field shows the date when the form expires.

Earnings Summary

This section details the types and amounts of your earnings for this pay period.

Description This column describes the type of earning; e.g., "Regular," "Student," "CWSP," "NRA Earnings," etc.
Hours If you work on an hourly wage, the number of hours worked in this pay period is listed in this column. If you are paid on salary, this field is blank.
Rate This is your pay rate. If you are on salary, this amount is your monthly rate. If you are paid by the hour, this amount is your hourly rate.
Current Amount This amount is your earning for this pay period.
YTD Amount This amount is your total earnings from the first of the calendar year up to and including this pay period.

Detail Summary

This section displays the current and year-to-date totals for items listed on the pay stub. Generally, there are three types:

Reductions are taken before taxes are calculated. Reductions include health and dental insurance payments, basic retirement plans, accident insurance, disability taxes, parking payments, etc.

Taxes are withheld from your pay every pay period as required by Federal and State tax agencies. The taxes collected are based on your earnings minus the reductions and on the W-4/DE-4 Form(s) filed.

Deductions are taken after taxes. These items include Credit Union deduction, USCard, Supplemental Life Insurance, etc.

Prior Deduction Summary

This section lists deductions taken from other pay periods for that year, but not from the current pay period. Items are listed in the order in which they are deducted from your pay.

USC Paid Items Summary

This section lists benefits that USC paid on your behalf, such as health and dental plans premiums, pensions and retirement, etc.
Items are listed in the order in which they are deducted from your pay, and amounts that USC paid for the selected pay period and for the year-to-date are shown.

Important Payroll Messages

Sometimes, a payroll message is printed on an advice/check statement. If the statement for the selected pay period contains a message, that message is displayed in this section.

Process Buttons

There are 2 buttons near the bottom of the page:

Select Another Pay Period Click on this button to return to the "Select Payment Page" to select another pay period.
Exit Process Click on this button to leave the process. You will return to the process selection menu.