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Overview of Payroll Totals

The Employee Year-to-Date Payroll Totals Summary Page displays your payroll records from the beginning of the current year to your last payment. Information includes your year-to-date total earnings, taxes, reductions and deductions.

If you want to view yearend totals for previous years, see the Yearend Tax Reporting Information Page.

If you want to view payroll details for a specific pay period, use the Payment Stubs Information Display.

Year-to-Date Totals Page

Employee Information

This section displays your basic information.


This section displays your earnings totals for the current year.

Deductions Summary

This section displays year-to-date totals for the current year. There are three types of items:

Reductions are taken before taxes are calculated. Reductions include health and dental insurance payments, basic retirement plans, accident insurance, disability taxes, parking payments, etc.

Taxes are withheld from your pay as required by Federal and State tax agencies. The taxes collected are based on your earnings minus the reductions and on the W-4/DE-4 Form(s) filed.

Deductions are taken after taxes. These items include Credit Union deductions, USCard, Supplemental life insurance payments, dues, etc.

Near the bottom of the page, is a single button:

Exit Process Click on this button to leave the process. You will return to the process selection menu.